General instructions.

Numeric values.
All non-integer numeric values viewed or typed consider use of the point (dot ".") as decimal separator, it is not admitted use of the comma or more points.

Update the page.
Updating page all input values will be resetted and the output erased.

Output values err.
It means one or more input data are not valid or they are out of the admitted range, for instance, an input value which can not be zero gives err when You run the calculation.

Translated page.
The applications are usable when the page is loaded from Claredot, when they are automatic translated in some case they could not work due to the changes on data and on parameters by the translater.

It worked once, now it does not work.

Case expired page: Each application is handled by the server for 3 hours from the time it is loaded, it is a time more than sufficient for any use but if necessary, to reuse the same application is sufficient recharging.

Case browser cache not updated : If you used an application recently and in the meantime it has been modified, your browser could view an older version not more working, in this case is necessary update the page once or more times until the browser is forced to reload all the components of the same page.